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Foods That Fill Up Without Fattening

Want to eat more and weigh less?Think density when you're choosing foods.In nutrition lingo,foods that are low in 'energy density' have less water and fibre,but little fat and fewer calories .How do they stack up nutritionally?Just fine,according to a new study.A piece of apple pie has about 400 calories;for the same calories ,you can crunch on five healthfukl apples and one or two will fill you up,you'll skinny down.When you eat more foods that are dense in every thing but fat and calories ,think juicy melons,pears ,cucumber,brocoli,and berries.It is not only helpsyou slim but also revsup the ntritional quality of your diet.When researchers compared people on low,mediumand high,energy-density diet,they discovered foods low in calories.yet,the nutritional quality of their meals didn't suffer.Infact,they had higher intakes of Vit A,C &B6,foliate,iron,calcium and potassium.In otherwords,eating low on the density scale isn't just good for your waist;it is good for your health;the extra fibre 7nutrients fight disease as well as pounds.Which foods are naturally dense?They are fruits & veggies.So although your daily intake should include plenty of wholegrains and some healthy fats and low fat protein (beans,fish,lean poultry replace of these with extra veggies).Later,grab an orange or banana for a snack.Then watch your waist whittle down.Real Age Benefit:Eating a diverse diet that is low in calories and high in nutrients can make your Real Age as much as four years younger.

Courtesy: Real Age



As a matter of fact,body over mind,both real or imagined has become the new trend contributing to Nigerian's infatuation with slimness;the trend now which is to attain the fashionable look and to be seen as someone who has style.

Here is a survey prepared by Dr.L.J.Benson of Harvard Medical School to help us assess the degree to which popular concerns about how our weigth affects us:

  • When you look at your body in the mirror,do you have feelings of displeasure towards the body fat you see?
  • Is the desire to lose weight your main motive for exercising?
  • Have you been on a diet in the past five years?
  • Have you bought any diet books in the past two years,or any magazines because of a new diet advertised on the cover?
  • Would you feel better about yourself if you were slimmer?
  • Do you think it's disgusting to be fat?
  • Have you ever bought a piece of exercise equipment,or purchased a club membership,primarily for the purpose of losing weight?
  • Do you wish your body had the same shape now that it did when you graduated from high school?

    Are most of your answers yes?Then welcome to the club.You have just joined 70% of men and women in the world today who are desperate to lose weight and feel better about themselves.


    Please !!Get a weighing scale,in fact a digital one and weigh yourself daily because this is a step towards facing your fears versus desires.Thus,you must know your exact weight and how much you need to lose and also how many dress sizes you need to drop before you reach your desired dress size.

    The time to do something is about it is this is NOW!!! The fact is if you have been unsuccessful in trying to lose weight for the past years,it surely means that you may never be able to do it until you make a quality decision.


    For beginners,I highly recommend taking a walk around your neigbourhood or using the treadmills at the gym for a minimum of 30 minutes/1hr daily or slotting in music CD/aerobics DVD to dance up a sweat.Listed below are some exercises that may interest you.They cover both indoor and outdoor activity:




    Take your pick,fill in the exercise that you most enjoy and use the chart as your daily progress report.



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