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    Marc by Marc Jacob

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    Marc by Marc Jacob

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    Marc Jacob

    Betsey Johnson Pendant

    Marc Jacob

    Lucky Brand Necklace

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    Bags Revolution

    Handbags change by the minutes.From casual to dinner and to party bags they come in different sizes and shapes dominating respective seasons. There are what they call the day,evening and leisure bags.the casual bag in its own case,can go for almost any event .Clutch purse or bag for instance is suitable for dinner,party or some special gathering.Extra large bags, carrier handbags and clutch purse,have been the fad for some time they have been visible since last year and might be in vogue for some time.Women that have the flair for cute dress-sense know that a perfect outfit requires a perfect handbags.Hence,then latest obsession in shopping for oversized patent leather bags,metallic rethro bag,gloss and convertible bags,satchel bags,hip slings,snazzy.clutch purses,double bags and glittering reptile skin handbag among other.And to ensure that wear sits well with bag,it is rite to wear them on your elbow or hold them by your hands


    Chosen the right bags

    Trendy stylish of hand -bags are so tempting that you need to figure out what bags work for you because everything you wear must have balance and coordination.Here are the guidelines.

    Select the right size of handbag;you should always consider the right size for your body type that should be the first thing you would considered before getting a trendy bag.Choose colours that complement what you have in your wardrobe.Matching your shoe and bag is quite fashionable and stylish but you can also go for neutral.Colours can go with any shade .Set off your handbag according to what the occassion dictates.You have to be a bit practical and know the functions of the type of the handbag you are carrying.Make sure your bag complements the event.If you are down with these tricks then you are good to go !!!!


    Jewelry has been an integral part of every fashion accessory,some like it small and others bold,bangles a major wardrobe staple is a must and could simply be regarded as the circle of bearly that adds life to your looks.Sculptural bangles come in explosive colours and are mostly hand sculpted out of paper and wire.made of beautiful lines of sky blue,white,yellow and brown ,this bangle is a beautiful addition to any outfit.whether you are dressed down or in casuals sculptural bangles will add life to your outfit.



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