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1.Thou shall not wear a string bag over suit

2.Thou shall not waer unfitted shirts

3.thou shall never fasten the bottom of a suit.

4.Thou shall not wear clamp belts with dress trousers, use dress belts.

5.Thou shall not wear sports pouches. sports pouches are functional for athletes who are training and need to carry if you're not an athlete in training,don't carry one.

6.Thou shall not wear trainers with suits.

7.Thou shall not wear oversized suits.Most men's shoulders aren't entirely even,meaning that your jacket often sits a bit askew on your can ask your tailor to slim down or adjust wherever needs to be adjusted.It's the difference being appropriately dressed and beinb stylishly dressed.

8.thou shall not wear frayed jeans.

9.Thou shall not wear sunglasses at night.

10.Thou shall match your socks with your suits.When choosing socks,the basic rule is to consider the suit instead of the shoes.If you're waering a navy suit with black shoes,reach for navy socks.When wearing a light suit,make sure the socks are darker than the suit but a shade lighter than the shoes.

11.Thou shall not wear a tie that is too slim.Unless you're a hard-core fashion guy,stick with one that measures about three inches at its widest point.It will be narrower than traditional ties,but not too much.This makes you look modern and sophisticated.

12.Thou shall put your wallet on a diet.Your wallet should not be fat as it disfigures your clothing.Go for an elegant,slim leather credit card holder and stock it with your essential cards.Then,fold your cash in a money clip.All other things can go in your desk drawer.You don't need it on your person.

13.Thou shall not wear socks with sandals.

14.Thou shall honour the three Fs-fit,fabric,and function.

Men's hair care

A well maaintained hair makes dues look charming and says a lot about their appearance.If it is not properly kept,the result will be damaged hair.a good hair start with a proper cut.Just as the body, a man's hair needs proper maintenance in order to add to a great look

Hair care tips for men

Avoi using hot water to wash hair because it takes away essential oil in the hair and might lead to dryness.Avoid using chemicals like hair colouring or perming because it cancause a damaging effect on hair .Get a good Shampoo for your hair to cleanse it of dirts and unwanted particles that get into hair as a result of outside activities .Avoid using a brush on wet hair which might damage it,instead use a wide toothed comb to gently work out any tangle.Avoid using heated tools like blow dryers,as it could cause harm to the hair.Use a good hair conditioner to moisturize smoothen and shine to the articles.Go for a nice hair cut that will complement your style.Eat well-balanced food,get enough rest and plenty of water to retain a healthy scalp and hair.You can also apply cream or oil to hair for that desired shiny look.


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