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Take off your Make-Up Before Bedtime

For women that do not remove their make-up before they go to bed.Then they wonder why they have bad skin.It is important to get into this routine the moment you start to wear or experiment with any kind of make-up.Seriously,it is worth it in the is important for the immediate health of your skin why .It is important for long term skin issues.What you do now ,you will reapthe rewards later.Not cleansing your skin properly can clog. your pores,leading to spots ;and worse acne .It should be like brushing your teeth brushing your teeth .Leaving even the smallestof your eyes make-up on at night can cause damage to your eyes on the long run.You can get irritations, sores eyes,and infection.Remember bacteria can be breeding on the products.bacteria love the warmth and the comfort of your bed.It can be tricky removing eye make-up.Hence ,the skin around the eye is very delicate and sensitive.Most of us are too rough with this area. Purchase sensitive eye-removing products for this area.


Olive Oil

Beautiful wonderful products ,if used correctly.We use this often behind the scene of fashion shows and video shoots.It is soft ,calming and removes eye make-up quickly and effectively.It conditions the eye lashes too.


We all know about this method ,but we hardly ever use it.Vaseline is one of the kindest products on the market.It can be used for so many things .It is gentle ,soft and does what it say on the jar .You must use cotton wool,slightly damp.If the cotton wool is dry ,the procedure can become quite skirk & messy.

How to get Smooth Skin
You dont have to be a celebrtity to look good with a perfect skin.All you need to know is how to care for your skin the rigth way .Caring for your skin requires these simple tips.

  1. Avoid saturated fats and simple sugars in your diet ,simple sugars promote ageing.Eat foods that are high in essential fatty acids like nuts,olive oil,sardines,cod,maekerels and salmon .They protect and moistorise the skin from within.

  2. Eat green leafy vegetables and fruits.They contain antioxidantts that relieve the body of radicals that cause premature ageing and cancer.

  3. Massage your face and body regularly.Bath time is a good time for this .Use a cleanerwith Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA),using your finger tips and gently massage in a circular movement from jaw line.This promotes blood flow to the skin and relaxes the lymph vessels.It also drains toxins from the face.

  4. Moisturise your skin daily.Get a goodface and body cream and ensure it has vitamins like A,C and E.They help to keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

  5. Prevent premature ageing and other hazardous effects of the skin by weaving a sun screen.

  6. Workout and exercise daily.Regular exercise makes body cells age slower.Taking long walks and dancing as also a great workout.







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