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Ankara in Vogue

Ankara has become the queen of the pack in anfrican clothing.It has survived hurdles of inhibition and has transformed into various styles ,ranging from formal to casual.The new trend in fashion has brought in,designers who are constantly bending the restriction chain in their creative savvy.No longer seen as amaterials for transmitting social messages like commenmoration of particcular events or sense of identity within an inherited tradition,the textile is gradually ascerting its positionin in the fashion world as an authetic fabric fit for all single creations.English cotton, sillk,and linen are gradually being discarded in favour of the ankara,as designers create inspiring corporate styles from the textile.Ankara is now the toast of everywoman out there.


Ankara Rules

African fabrics are likely to go out of fashion.Ankara is one African fabrics that has stood the test of time and is waxing stronger than ever.Ankara comes in different designs and colours and can be used to make different kinds of attire .The days are long gone when Ankara used to seen as fabrics for local women and men .These days ,classy ladies go for the fabric and use it to make swank dresses.Ankara is in vogue .No wonder people of all class now use the fabric for Aso-ebi.Join the ladies and even men of class and fashion.Let Ankara make the difference in your style today.


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